We’re 100 Men of Dallas

about charities

making positive change in our community

Every three months, we will come together to create an impact within the community, and we’ll do this through the selection of a local charity. Along with our donation, we also spread awareness of these charities.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered to present at a meeting, the charity answer the following:

Can you provide a copy of your 501(c)(3) form for us?
Are you willing to provide our members a contribution letter for tax purposes?

We focus only Non-Profits in East Dallas: Bounded by US 75 on the West, by I-635 on the North and East and by I-30 on the south.

What type of “needs” does your organization have: money, volunteers, clothing, food, etc – what’s your greatest need?

Recipients are asked to attend the next quarterly meeting and give a report of how the money was used.

Recipients are asked to commit that the money would be used specifically in East Dallas.

Please read the important notes below for more information



  • No national or international charities will be considered, as the aim is to keep our donations right here in the Dallas area. Organizations with a national link may be nominated, however, the funds must be for a project that serves the Dallas area.
  • Any charity or not-for-profit group must be a registered group, and willing to provide tax receipts to all members who donate.
  • The nominated charities must agree in advance of the meeting to send tax receipts directly to each of the donating members.
  • Members of 100 Men of Dallas will vote by secret ballot to select one of the three nominated charities to receive all the donations that evening.
  • The organization with the greatest number of votes will be the recipient of the total funds donated and will be ineligible to receive funds from 100 Men of Dallas for 3 (three) years.
  • The two charities not selected may be nominated again after the next quarterly meeting but cannot present again for 1 (one) year.
  • Any organization chosen to present at a meeting will be contacted the week prior in order to prepare. We ask that you send no more than 2 representatives of the organization, with one person as the main speaker. The following aspects are suggested for your presentation: who are you, what organization do you represent, what made you join this organization, if awarded this donation what impact do you plan on making in our community?
  • A request will be made of the recipient charity to present an update on their use of the donation at the next meeting of 100 Men of Dallas.
100 Men of Dallas reserves the right to amend these eligibility criteria when appropriate, without consultation with the nominated charities.